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Donor frequently asked questions

The Great Fish Community Challenge embodies the spirit of philanthropy and is inspiring our community to give.

The Great Fish Challenge Match Fund is comprised of gifts from generous individuals that see the value of philanthropy because of what it can do to change lives. Donations come from our Circle of Giving donors and donations made straight to the Match Fund.

The 2022 Percentage Match came out to 59% on the first $20,000 raised by each participating nonprofit. Nonprofits that raised at least $20,000 received an additional $11,800 grant from Whitefish Community Foundation.

 By making your gift to the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund, or joining the Circle of Giving you will help inspire more individuals to give during the Challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions


The percentage varies annually and is based on the total amount of match money raised and the total amount of designated contributions. The first $20,000 of each nonprofit’s designated gifts are eligible for matching, and in recent years, the matching grant on these gifts has been approximately 48% to 59%. The percentage of the Match will not be known until the campaign is over and the Match is calculated. All eligible participating organizations receive the same percent of matching dollars on the first $20,000 in designated contributions they raise.


100% of contributions (minus any credit card fees) are distributed to nonprofits designated by donors (subject to Whitefish Community Foundation’s variance power) along with a percentage matching grant on the first $20,000 raised on their behalf. A nonprofit must raise a minimum of $10,000 to receive a percentage match.


Whitefish Community Foundation starts the Match with $300,000. This initial money comes from the Circle of Giving. The Match fund grows as more individuals join the Circle and as more individuals give directly to the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund (Challengers).


Make a gift to the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund. By making your gift to the Match, or joining the Circle of Giving you will help to inspire more individuals to give during the Challenge. Because the Match Fund is integral to the success of the Great Fish Community Challenge, you can make a gift at anytime during the year.  Your gift of any amount will help Whitefish Community Foundation match each gift that is made through the Great Fish Community Challenge.

What is a Community Donor

A Community Donor gives to one or more participating nonprofits to help the selected charities build up a pool of designated community donations. By donating through the Great Fish Community Challenge during the giving period, the impact of each donor’s gift is augmented through the additional funding provided by the Great Fish Match Fund in the form of a percentage matching grant. At the end of the Challenge, the match is stretched across the amount of gifts raised by the nonprofits - up to $20,000 for each participating nonprofit. The final amount of the percentage match will be announced at the awards event October 24, 2023 at an awards event at the Wachholz College Center.

When the giving period opens, it is easy to become a donor. Simply select your favorite charities, determine how much you wish to give them, and make one donation for the total designated amount. All gifts are made through Whitefish Community Foundation. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and when pooled together, they create serious impact for each nonprofit.

What is a Challenger

Challengers are individuals and businesses who donate to the Great Fish Match Fund. This money forms the match pool benefiting all participating nonprofits. The Match Fund is used to match the donations of the community. Challengers give a direct gift of any amount to the Great Fish Match Fund.

Challengers can be proud to call themselves community leaders who are helping to promote charitable giving. The Great Fish Community Challenge highlights the tremendous work of local nonprofits and inspires community appreciation for that work.

The Circle of Giving is the core group of donors that seed the Match Fund with the initial $300,000 at the beginning of the year. As more donors join the Circle of Giving, or give directly to the Match Fund, the match grows.

For information about the Great Fish Challenge Match Fund or how to join the Circle of Giving, contact Whitefish Community Foundation President/CEO Alan Davis at 406-863-1781 or