2017 is a great time to think about starting a Donor Advised Fund. In the current investment climate, using appreciated securities to open a fund will allow you to avoid capital gains on your donation, and allow you to make a gift that you can use to continue giving over time. You can also make a cash gift to start your fund. Making a gift to set up a Donor Advised Fund in 2017 will allow you the immediate tax benefits for a charitable gift.  In light of the pending tax overhaul, setting up a charitable fund today will allow you to receive a charitable deduction while you still can.

A Donor Advised Fund simplifies your charitable giving. You make one donation to your fund, which means you only have one tax receipt to keep track of. It can also provide the advantage of “bunching” your deductions.  Once you make the gift, you can then recommend grants to your selected charities locally or even across the country over time. You do not have to spend down the entire fund in one year and there is no minimum payout required. You can use the fund to make gifts to charities over a long period of time and you can invest your fund in the meantime.

Whitefish Community Foundation offers several investment options to give you the ability to invest your gift to grow and give more over time. There is a very low administrative fee structure charged by the Community Foundation to manage your fund. You also have the option of allowing your children to participate as advisors during your life, or to become advisors after your death. And, unlike a commercial Donor Advised Fund provider, the fees you pay will stay in your community to do good things locally like organize the Great Fish Community Challenge.

Donor Advised Funds simplify your charitable giving. They are very easy to set up and no hassle to manage like a private foundation. While a private foundation might seem like a good idea for large donors, a Donor Advised Fund will provide almost the same benefits and a better charitable deduction. Plus, you grow your fund tax free and there is no required minimum annual payout. Additionally, we provide all of the administrative support such as tracking your grants, and due diligence on the recipient organizations.  If you think you are ready for a Donor Advised Fund call the Whitefish Community Foundation. We are here to help you go further with your charitable giving.


Whitefish Community Foundation recommends you seek the advice of your financial advisor in all your charitable giving.