Great Fish Community Challenge Application
Due February 28th by 4:00 PM

Thank you for jumping in and beginning your application early, which you can find HERE. We are answering many questions in the office, and would like to offer a few application tips: 

Your board of directors determines and approves your Great Fish Community Challenge Use of Funds, not your staff!  Why?  

  • The board of directors provides your organization with oversight and makes decisions through discussion with staff. It is not appropriate for staff members to make grant application decisions regarding substantial project or program funding without board approval. 
  • Whitefish Community Foundation staff cannot help you to determine your specific use of funds. We can provide guidance about how to communicate your Use of Funds on the application, but each organization must be responsible for identifying where Great Fish Community Challenge funds would best serve their organization’s project or program. 
  • Nonprofits whose board of directors collectively determine their Use of Funds are more successful during the Great Fish Community Challenge because the board is invested in fundraising. Board members can reach into the community and garner support for your organization in ways the Whitefish Community Foundation staff cannot, and it is their duty to ensure the financial sustainability of the nonprofit. In the case of the Great Fish Community Challenge, board buy-in leads to a focused, enthusiastic, collective effort on behalf of your nonprofit, and this equates to more donors giving and more dollars raised.  

Your Concise Primary and Secondary Use of Funds Statements are important

  • These statements will offer your first opportunity to grab the attention of the Grants Committee and community at large.
  • The Grants Committee is a diverse group of individuals, and many of them may be unfamiliar with your organization. The Committee is not static and may include members reading your Great Fish Community Challenge application and learning about your projects and programs for the first time. Does your concise Use of Funds Statement communicate what you do and what you need in a way that anyone can understand, and be compelled to learn more about? 

Ask several people to proofread your application

  • Your grant request will be evaluated alongside at least 60 applications. Asking others to read your application will help you assess the effectiveness of your Use of Funds statements and eliminate unnecessary spelling and punctuation errors. 

Financial Reporting

  • Your application will not be considered if financial documents are not uploaded in the requested format. Please read the instructions carefully and do not upload 990’s or audit information. 

Foundation staff are here to help!  Contact Lynnette Donaldson any time if you have questions.

For the Great Fish Community Challenge Rules and Procedures, click HERE.