August 5 – SEPTEMBER 17, 2021  


In just six years running, the Great Fish Community Challenge has raised over $13M for more than 70 local charities!

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Great Fish Community Challenge Countdown 2021








Left to give in the Great Fish Community Challenge - Ending at 5 p.m. September 17

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Giving Together creates Impact

the 2021 Great Fish Community Challenge is here to help our communities give August 5 through September 17. With just one gift, you can give to several charities. Help your favorite charities earn a percentage Matching Grant. Whitefish Community Foundation will match on the first $20,000 raised by each charity in the Challenge.


Give a shout out to your favorite nonprofit when you make your gift online or in the mail and we will post your comments here during the Challenge.




~Whitefish Community Foundation Board and Staff



Thank you Whitney Pratt and the entire Farm Hands team for all that you do!

~Alix Cohen



Kelly is the Big here and we love Ms. Murphy! (Big Brothers Big Sisters NW MT)

~Rocky Mountain Real Estate



Thank you Todd for helming the Big Brothers Big Sisters ship during these unprecedented times!

~Brenna Sellers



To all the Whitefish Review Team: Keep up the good work, shining light on the arts and making so much talent available to us! Carry on!

~Greta Friel



Thank you for all your hard work to make riding and hiking more enjoyable (Flathead Area Mountain Bikers)

~Mary McCarthy



What a nice and thrilling initiative! I wish you good luck (Glacier National Park Conservancy)

~Marie Benatre



Thank you for all you do to help kids and their families. (Farm Hands)

~Patience Burns



One of the most beautiful places on earth, Glacier National Park.

~J Michael and Peggy Wilson



Keep up the good work Gretchen! (Farm Hands)

~Colin Young



Thanks Kelly and Kyle for all your work! (Flathead Area Mountain Bikers)

~Marcia Medler



ATP is a huge asset to the Flathead! Thank you ATP!

~Cathy and Ned Cooney



Water is Life! (Whitefish Lake Institute)

~Shawna Moore



Best publication ever! (Whitefish Review)

~Scott and Cassandra Dreher



Keep up the GREAT work! (DREAM Adaptive Recreation)

~Don Petersen



Thank you to the FVCC Foundation for all they do to further the mission of our community college.

~David and Ruth Ackroyd



You Guys rock! (CRYJ)

~Todd and Erica Lengacher



Thank you for giving our youth an opportunity for safe outdoor recreation especially during this time. (Flathead Rapids)

~Courtney Erickson Torgerson



Thank you Whitefish Community Foundation

~Gael Bissell



Thanks to Montana Conservation Corp for providing me with such a valuable and memorable experience.

~Candace Nadasi



Thrilled to see FVCC ensuring equity in access to their resources and programs! My grandfather, Owen Sowerwine would be proud.

~Jennifer Sowerwine



Thanks for all you are doing!! (Abbie Shelter)

~Todd and Erica Lengacher



Looking forward to a great season! (Glacier Symphony)

~Dinah Weimer



So appreciate Chris' leadership through the years. (Samaritan House)

~John and Donna Briggs



To all our wonderful Residents and Staff at Lighthouse - God Bless!

~Love from the Thornhill Family



I had no idea how much North Valley Music School did for the communities here in the area. What an amazing achievement reaching out to both young and old through music.

~Jeffery and Andraya Johnson



Thanks for making nature a part of our everyday life. (Whitefish Legacy Partners)

~David and Ruth Ackroyd



You are doing such great work! Keep inspiring those kiddos! (Ravenwood Natural Science Center)

~Brian and Laura Moreaux



Thanks for hosting this for the whole community. Best wishes for a great ONLINE Great Fish! (Whitefish Community Foundation)

~Jono McKinney



Love you Whitefish Theatre Company

~Angie Green



Art makes our world a brighter place! (Stumptown Art Studio)

~David and Ruth Ackroyd



This gift is in honor of Hilary Shaw, who is an amazing leader in our local nonprofit sector. (Abbie Shelter)

~Ned and Cathy Cooney



Such a cool project to support. Wish I could give more! (Glacier National Park Conservancy)

~Blake Ladenburg



ATP you are the BEST! Thanks Luke, Betsi & Crew for keeping the arts moving forward despite the COVID pandemic.

~Brian and Lyndsay Schott



Phyllary Farm is excited to donate to Farm Hands - Nourish the Flathead because a well-fed community is a strong community! Everyone deserves access to nutrition. Thank you Farm Hands for being a major part of the whole in the Flathead food system!

~Althea Hogle



Hannah, you and your team are amazing in all the work you dod for the Flathead Youth Home.

~Marcus and Audrey Duffey



Thank you for the brushing work on the backside of Columbia!!(Flathead Area Mountain Bikers)

~Anthony Butterfield

Stay tuned for the 2021 Great Fish Community Challenge Leaderboard. Coming soon. Get ready to give where you live from August 5 to September 17, 2021. 

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Great Fish Launch Event – August 5

 We will host the seventh annual Great Fish Launch event in partnership with Glacier Bank. The event will be held outside at Glacier Bank, downtown Whitefish, from 5 to 7 p.m.

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A percentage match of up to $20,000

Whitefish Community Foundation will again provide a percentage match on the first $20,000 raised by each participating nonprofit through the 2021 Great Fish Community Challenge.

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give to several charities with one gift

Donations are accepted online here starting August 5. You can download a copy of the official donation form here if you do not receive one in the mail. Sign up for our E-news below. Read more on how to donate.

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