RISE Scholarship Program

Glacier Restaurant Group

GRG established the RISE Scholarship in 2015 using their own funds and a portion of those donated by guests through the Round It Up America program.

Montana Coffee Traders Scholarship

The Montana Coffee Traders Scholarship Fund was established at the Whitefish Community Foundation in 2020 to help MCT employees and community members with college expenses.

Jean Atkinson Driggers Scholarship

The family of Jean Atkinson Driggers created this scholarship fund in her memory to help students who attended Olney-Bissell School achieve a college degree.

Dorothy and Luther Campbell Scholarship

Whitefish residents Dorothy and Luther Campbell created this scholarship fund in 2022 as part of their legacy of giving back to the community they love.

Kiita Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was established at Whitefish Community Foundation in 2023 to help a financially independent graduate of Whitefish High School or  Whitefish Independent High School earn a bachelor’s degree.

Setting up a scholarship Fund

If you are interested in starting a scholarship program with Whitefish Community Foundation, please contact Jill Seigmund at or call (406) 863-1781

We are located at 214 West Second Street,  P.O. Box 1060, Whitefish, MT 59937.

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